Legal (Negligence) Vocabulary in Context:
A self-study resource

This website is designed to offer 1st-year students the opportunity to develop and test their vocabulary skills. We focus on how these expressions are used most commonly in case reports. All the sample texts and sentences are edited from authentic cases, and the words targeted are either high frequency items or deemed by us to cause problems to Cantonese-speaking students.

We suggest you read through a text, click on the target words for pronunciation, meaning and examples, and then, to test your comfort with these terms, click on either the Exercises or Games buttons (your choice: the content is identical but the Games are more fun!).


Text 1: Duty of Care (1) : Foreseeability
Text 2: Duty of care (2): Neighbour Principle
Text 3: Duty of care (3): Special relationship
Text 4: Duty of care (4): Nervous Shock
Text 5: Standard of Care (1): Ordinary standard
Text 6: Standard of care (2): Special standard
Text 7: Breach of Statutory Duty
Text 8: Causation: Common sense and the but for test
Text 9: Remoteness (1) and Foreseeability
Text 10: Remoteness (2) and Economic Loss
Text 11: Defences (1): Contributory negligence
Text 12: Defences (2): Volenti Non Fit Injuria