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5. Self Test: Identifying and Avoiding Plagiarism
(How much have you understood ?)

This is a self-test to help you evaluate whether you are able to apply what you have learned about avoiding plagiarism. You should not look at the "answers" until you have completed each part of the test. This is, of course, your choice but if you do cheat you may never know whether you are a potential plagiarist!

This test contains three sorts of documents. They are colour coded to make it easier.
Texts A and B are source texts.
Texts 1 to 5 are student texts based on those source texts.
Comments 1 to 5 are a teacher's comments based on the 5 student texts.

Here is what you have to do:

1. Read source texts A and B to get a picture of the source information. Make notes if you want to.
2. Then look at the student texts one by one (starting with Text 1). Do the following:
  • read the text
  • decide if it is guilty of plagiarism
  • identify exactly what is wrong (or right)
  • think of ways to correct the problems
  • Look at the teacher's comments on the text. See if you agree.

Begin with Source Text A