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Links to Sites about Plagiarism and Related Topics

There are a lot web sites referring to plagiarism and the number is increasing rapidly. In February 1999 the Excite search engine found 9489 hits but in August 2006 Google found 26,400,000 hits. That's a pretty rapid rate of expansion. It tells you something about the increasing importance of the topic.

Almost every university and college site has something to say about plagiarism and an increasing number of schools are also adding information aboput plagiarism for students and parents. These institutional web sites usually include clear warnings about the penalties for plagiarising which are often severe. They also usually give advice about understanding and avoiding plagiarism. Some of them even point to this site. If you are studying with an institution you should check their web site to make sure you understand their rules and penalties.

The quickest way to find up-to-date information about plagiarism is to do your own web search. However, if you want to look at some of the ones I have found I have grouped them into the following 2 categories:

I especially recommend the hands-on practice of the exercises because it is a good way of getting to grips with the problems.


Teachers might be interested in the potential of plagiarism detection software.


If you find other especially interesting sites please let me know by sending me email.