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First Thing You Should Know:
If working through the self-test has made you think about what you write and the way you write it then it has served its purpose. It is not supposed to give you a "quick fix" but to get you thinking.

If you want to learn more about the way people express opinion in their writing, look at the way it is done in everything you read. If you find reporting verbs or sentence structures you like then use them in your own writing.

Second Thing You Should Know:
Finally, a confession. All the source texts and the student texts used in this self-test were made up just for the test. I needed something short and simple enough to illustrate my points which you could work with easily and quickly. I hope you don't feel deceived. I certainly don't feel guilty because I think the texts have done their job.

So don't go to the library looking for books by R.O. Dent or Michel Souris because you just won't find them! 

For Those of You Who Got This Far:
I would like to know what you think about this site and the self-test. Please take the time to send me email telling me what you think about it. I would like to hear good and bad comments. Send email now.