responding on the telephone

Listen to these extracts from Cindy's telephone conversation. Then choose the best response for each from A, B or C.

Q1. play audio

When will Mr Lau be available?

Yes, my name is Cindy Wu.

It's me.

Q2. play audio

Okay. I'll call back in five minutes.

Yes, could you tell me when is the best time to call?

Okay, when?

Q3. play audio

My name's Cindy Wu. I'm a student at HKU. I'm calling about a project we're doing on work experience.

I wondered if you can help me. My name's Cindy Wu and you know my uncle.

Hello, can I come to your office to talk to your staff? I'm doing a project on work experience.

Q4. play audio

Perhaps it's better if I speak to Mr Lau personally.

You're just a receptionist, so I doubt it.

Yes, could you ask Mr Lau if I can come to his office to discuss my project. It's very important!

Q5. play audio

Yes, thanks, anytime this week will be fine for me.

That would be fine, I don't want to cause you any trouble.

But I've got assignments due in next week and lots of my society's meetings to attend. This week is more convenient for me.

Q6. play audio

Yes, OK, but I can only make it in the morning.

But what about the afternoon? Can't I come then?

Thursday would be fine for me. What time is convenient for you?

Q7. play audio

Thanks! See you then.

OK, I'll come to your office in room 723 at 10 am on Thursday the 25th.

OK, you won't forget now, will you?

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