Model telephone conversation 2

Cindy is a student who wants to speak to Mr. Lau to arrange a visit to his company. Notice how she makes all the arrangements in one call. What does she say to make sure she does not have to call and check details again?

Cindy [calls]
Secretary Good morning, Asia Pacific Enterprises
Cindy Hello, could I speak to Mr. Lau, please?
Secretary Yes, I'll put you through. May I know who is calling?
Cindy Yes, my name is Cindy Wu. I am a student at Hong Kong University. I am calling about a project we are doing.
Secretary OK. Could you hold the line please.
Mr. Lau Hello, how can I help you?
Cindy My name is Cindy Wu. I am a student at Hong Kong U. I am calling about a project we are doing on work experience. Mr. Chan from Eurasia Products said you might be able to help me. He is a friend of my uncle.
Mr. Lau Yes, I know Mr. Chan.... So?
Cindy Well, one of our assignments is to find out more about a particular company and the kind of work that it does.
Mr. Lau Yes?
Cindy I wonder if you would mind if I visited your company one day next week and talk to some of your staff.
Mr. Lau Hmmm, we are rather busy. What would you like to do exactly?
Cindy I would like to spend a day in your company and sit with one of your staff while they are working. I'd like to find out more about what the work involves.
Mr. Lau Yes, well, as I said, we are very busy next week but we might be able to arrange a visit for you the week after.
Cindy Oh, that would be fine. Thank you. I don't want to cause you any trouble.
Mr. Lau I will try to arrange something. Which day would you like to come?
Cindy Let me see ... Wednesday is the best day for me.
Mr. Lau No, sorry! We have an office meeting in the morning. How about Thursday?
Cindy Thursday, Thursday would be fine for me. What time is convenient for you?
Mr. Lau 10 a.m. O.K.?
Cindy Yes, 10 a.m. [writes down]. Could you tell me where your office is?
Mr. Lau On the 7th floor, Room 723. Please ask for my secretary.
Cindy Room 723 [writes down]... OK, then I'll come to your office in Room 723 at 10 a.m. on Thursday the 25th.
Mr. Lau O.K.
Cindy Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to meeting you.
Mr. Lau Me too! Good luck with your project.
Cindy Thank you. Goodbye.
Mr. Lau Bye.
Cindy [hangs up]