Model telephone conversation 1

Cindy is a student who wants to speak to Mr. Lau to arrange a visit to his company. Mr. Lau is not there. What does she say to make sure she gets to speak to him next time she calls?

Cindy [calls]
Secretary Good morning, Asia Pacific Enterprises.
Cindy Hello, could I speak to Mr. Lau, please?
Secretary I'm afraid Mr. Lau is in a meeting right now. Can I help you?
Cindy Well, I am doing a project at Hong Kong University on work experience... Perhaps it's better if I speak to Mr. Lau personally.
Secretary Fine, could you call back when the meeting is finished?
Cindy Yes, could you tell me when is the best time to call?
Secretary Probably after 4 pm.
Cindy Yes, I'll do that. Thank you for your help.
Secretary You're welcome.
Cindy Good bye
Secretary Bye
Cindy [hangs up]