Suk Yi Tong

Comments on resume

Good Points Bad Points
  • Layout of Personal Information Section and Career Goal.
  • Good use of indentation for "Honours" and "Activities" sections.
  • Correct mention of references


  • It is good to have a statement of career goal, but it should indicate the benefits to the employer. The phrase, "where I can rise to my full potential" sounds as if the candidate is interested only in looking after himself.
  • Punctuation in first line of "Education" section.
  • Word "include" missing after "Courses taken"… Thus indicating carelessness, failure to proof-read.
  • Extra-curricula activities: no good just listing the positions held. You must qualify these by adding a statement of achievement using an "action" word, i.e. tell people what you have actually done in these positions. (Activities too, should be listed in reverse order).
  • The "Sun Yee On" experience section will kill this resume. The experience is highly relevant, but no personnel manager will take the time to read it – it breaks all the rules of formatting and conciseness. Avoid dense blocks of text like this.
  • Many grammatical and spelling errors.
  • The experiences sound too grand for a young applicant like this. Try not to over-inflate the importance of jobs.
  • Mentioning RISE is irrelevant: why would a bank be interested in this course?