Kwok Yuk Lin

Comments on resume

Good Points Bad Points
  • All on one page, but perhaps too short (better than too long – 2 sides of A4 maximum)
  • Layout could be better, but address and phone number clearly given at top.
  • (The horizontal layout in giving School Cert. is not effective)
  • Experience: impressive achievements are possible even in a mundane job, such as a mail clerk – but don’t list jobs that are too vague, e.g. "taught many school children" what?
  • No clear indication of gender. This is important, especially when you can’t tell from the name. Supplying the sex and age of the candidate is an acceptable (perhaps a "must") practice in Hong Kong
  • Why list degree subjects? Even if a manager knows what "Spectroscopy" is, of what relevance is this and other subjects to a banking career?
  • A sub-heading, such as "Activities" would draw attention to involvement in student affairs. But how can the fact that you were "a member of the Staff Student Consultative Committee" benefit a potential employer? (i.e. What did you achieve in this position? What skills/characteristics did you demonstrate?)
  • While academic results (both A.L. and School Cert.) should be more clearly listed, you need to only give better results. Leave out the "D’s" and "E’s".
  • Of what benefit to a bank is a butterfly collector? – Unless, of course, you traded in international currencies to pay for your collection. If not, leave it out.
  • Note also the single intrusive use of personal pronoun, "I".
  • References: you probably do not have to give references at this early stage. You can leave it out for now. Later, include the department (e.g. Dept. of Chemistry) where Dr. Wang works.