Chuk Li Wong

Comments on resume

Good Points Bad Points
  • This resume is clearly a winner
  • This is a composite resume – mostly chronological, but containing some information under functional headings. Choose whatever headings will most effectively "package" your life for the "buyer". Note also that these could appear in place of the underlined job descriptions in this resume. But use these sub-headings to supplement/support a chronological presentation – not as a substitute.
  • Overall, neat and clear layout. Use of typographical resources: underlining, indentation, bolding, bullets, etc.
  • Personal summary optional but very effective if done well.
  • Career objective – emphasises what the applicant wants to do for the company. Not too specific as to desired position.
  • Good to list only those University courses that are relevant.
  • Good to include information on secondary school and give relevant exam results.
  • Mentions highly relevant dissertation.
  • "Activities section quantifies achievements and uses many "action" words and concise structures.
  • Experience section makes the most of a menial job.
  • Correct mention of references.
  • Underline the surname when more than one word in the whole name looks like the surname, e.g. both Chung and Wong could be surnames.
  • Male or female?
  • Education and experience should be listed in reverse chronological order, i.e. most recent first.
  • Bullets are slightly too large