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On the web

SCMP - Preparing a CV
Brief and relevant advice on preparing a resume for job-seekers in Hong Kong from the South China Morning Post Career Life site.
Hong Kong Standard - The ideal resume
A helpful document from the Hong Kong Standard JobMarket site that uses a recent graduate's resume to demonstrate creating an effective resume.
ARCHEUS - Resume writing resources
Links to web sites and articles on resume writing. ARCHEUS is a Canadian site that claims to be the most comprehensive guide to worksearch resources on the web, and it probably is.
NETmatch is developed by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Hong Kong, and is managed by the Careers Education and Placement Centre. Students/graduates can input their resumes and prospective employers can browse and select suitable candidates for their vacancies. This service is only available to students and graduates of the University of Hong Kong.
Post your resume and read other peoples' resumes on the CareerMosaic Hong Kong site.
Jobs Database
Database of job information in Hong Kong. You can also post your resume here.

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In the Language Resource Centre

Resume and Interview Skills in English
Course materials on resumes and interviews produced by the English Centre in conjunction with the Careers Education and Placement Centre. Catalogue No. E/PRT/BS120. Also available for $30 at the CEPC Reception Counter.
The Resume Writing Workbook
Workbook on writing a resume and cover letter. Catalogue No. E/PRT/BW150.
Write for the Job
Workbook on the job application process produced in Hong Kong. Catalogue No. E/PRT/BW140.
Write, Giving Full Details
A short dramatised video showing a student trying various approaches to filling out a job application form and the different impressions these create on an employer. Catalogue No. E/BOX/BW170.
A Handbook of Commercial Correspondence
Chapter 16 deals with resumes. Catalogue No. E/PRT/BW130.
English For Business
Chapter 4 of this book, published in Hong Kong, has example resumes with language notes. Catalogue No. E/PRT/BW110.
Consultation service
English Centre consultants in the LRC offer advice and guidance on resume writing. Bring your draft resume. For current consultation hours, check in the LRC.

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In the Careers Education and Placement Centre

The CEPC holds regular lectures and workshops on resume writing. Counsellors also offer personalised help with your resume.

To help you understand the difference between features and benefits, try the humorous & easy to follow video called "Selling Benefits" (Selling Skills) - 24 min - available in the CEPC.

For more information on these services, visit the CEPC office on 3/F Meng Wah Complex or the CEPC web site.


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