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On the web

CEPC Directory of Professional Associations
List of professional associations in Hong Kong with telephone numbers and web sites. Some associations welcome student members and offer benefits. .
Hong Kong Directory
Searchable database of companies in Hong Kong.
SCMP Classified Post - Jobs
Searchable database of jobs advertised in the South China Morning Post.
Hong Kong Standard JobMarket
Searchable database of jobs advertised in the Hong Kong Standard.
Ming Pao Gold Page Recruitment
Ming Pao jobs site.

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On the University Network

PROSPECT (HE) is a computer-assisted careers guidance system designed to help you with your career planning. It helps you explore
  • what you are good at
  • what interests and motivates you
  • how these relate to the world of work
  • what different jobs involve
  • your chance of getting into these jobs
  • how to make effective job applications
PROSPECT (HE) is available for use in the CEPC and in Computer Centre labs on campus. You can find more information at the CEPC web site.

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In the Language Resource Centre

Communication: a Business Imperative
A video of a panel discussion recorded at HKU. Business people and HKU staff discuss the importance of communication skills in the world of business. Catalogue No. E/BOX/BE500.

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In the Careers Education and Placement Centre

The CEPC should be your first stop in planning your career:

  • The Careers Library contains materials on over 800 recruiting organisations, business directories and membership lists of various professional organisations.
  • The Alumni Contact Scheme can put you in touch with an HKU alumni to find out more about career possibilities.
  • Full-time, part-time and summer vacancy advertisements are posted up on the notice boards at the Centre and 6 other locations on the campus.
  • You can also access job information online or at any HKU networked computer terminals (for HKU students only).
  • Lectures and workshops on Career Planning and Career Development are held regularly. First-year students are welcome.
  • The Placement Service helps you to find out about graduate employers and actual job opportunities and provides assistance for your job search.
  • One-to-one counselling can help you to assess your occupational strengths and limitations, to learn core personal and managerial skills, and to map a career development plan.

For more information on these services, visit the CEPC office on 3/F Meng Wah Complex or the CEPC web site


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