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On the web

SCMP - Writing a letter of application
Short but informative article from the SCMP Career Life site.
The sales pitch
Helpful article from the Hong Kong Standard Jobmarket site which compares two model application letters.
Application letters: How to sell yourself
Useful advice with a model application letter from the Writing Center at Researchpaper.com.

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In the Language Resource Centre

Reader Friendly Writing
Short course with video on business writing for Hong Kong students. Exercises focus on creating a favourable impression on the reader. Catalogue No. E/BOX/BW100.
Business Letter
Short video giving useful guidelines on writing business letters. Catalogue No. E/VID/BW111.
The Write Stuff: Effective Business Letters
Short video course on business writing that emphasises communication in plain English. E/BOX/BW140.
Handbook of Commercial Correspondence
Comprehensive guide to business letter writing. Catalogue No. E/PRT/BW130.
English for Business
Comprehensive course on business writing produced in Hong Kong for Hong Kong business students. Catalogue No. E/PRT/BW100.

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