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Extract for video clip 1

Leadership Training and Building Cross-Cultural Skills

Tufts Institute for International Leadership, Tufts University July 1998

Learned to deal diplomatically across cultures by participating in cross-cultural and team-building skills training. Acquired knowledge about different business practices by visiting Founder Publishing Group and Saatchi & Saatchi in Beijing.

International Leadership Development Seminar

AIESEC, The University of Hong Kong October 1998

Gained an understanding of risk management by actively participating in an asset allocation exercise conducted by New York Life Insurance. Visited Hong Kong Futures Exchange and Shenzen Stock Exchange to gain insight into different trading practices.

Extract for video clips 2 & 3

Work Experience Jun 1998 – Aug 1998

Summer Worker, Management Services Agency, HKSAR

-Participated in the consulting project "Staffing Review of Lo Wu Control Point, Immigration Department"

-Derived methodologies to determine appropriate staffing level of counter clearance staff.

Extract for video clip 4

Extra-Curricular Activities

Intensified Learning Opportunity Programme (ILOP) (12/97-4/99)

Kept in contact with my mentor Mr. Mak Chai Ming, System Operation Manager of China Light & Power Company Ltd, and interviewed him seven times.

Learnt the difference between being a manager and an engineer to be that manager has a helicopter view over the whole situation and thinks in the company’s broader interest.

Planned and conducted a research project with Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Interviewed, using Mandarin, senior company executives of four technology companies including Peking University Founder Group and Stone RichSight.

Analyzed commercial and technical problems of the companies and identified solutions to the problems. The project was awarded first runner-up status.

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