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On the web

Job interview package
Site on job interviews from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. With audio recordings and transcripts of interviews and lots of advice and activities.
SCMP - Preparing for an interview
SCMP - Checklist on the day of the interview
SCMP - Attending the interview
Three short articles on preparing for and attending job interviews from the South China Morning Post Career Life site.
Hong Kong Standard - The right stuff
Hong Kong Standard - Making an impression
Article from the Hong Kong Standard JobMarket site on interview preparation and techniques.

In the Language Resource Centre

Resume and Interview Skills in English
Course materials on resumes and interviews produced by the English Centre in conjunction with the Careers Education and Placement Service. Catalogue No. E/PRT/BS120. Also available for $30 at the CEPC Reception Counter.
The Interview Preparation and Practice Workbook
This workbook will help you prepare for job interviews with sample questions, tips and guidelines. Catalogue No. E/PRT/BS100.
Through Other Eyes: Job Interviews in English
A self-study video and booklet which follows two Hong Kong students through a series of job interviews. Learn how to (and how not to) act in interviews. Catalogue No. E/BOX/BS270.
Video recording room
You can also book a small room and video recorder for self-organised video role plays. Ask at the Reception Counter for details.

In the Careers Education and Placement Centre

The CEPC can help your interview preparation in several ways:

  • Lectures and workshops on interviewing skills are held at regular interviews.
  • Interview rooms and video recording facilities are available for students to role play interviews and review performance on their own.
  • Selection Exercise Preparation workshops can help you prepare for an interview when you have been shortlisted.

For more information on these services, visit the CEPC office on 3/F Meng Wah Complex or the CEPC web site.


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